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Celebrations and Special Occassions are exciting . When someone hits a major milestone, you want to ensure that they cherish every aspect of their big day; down to the last second. Coral Springs Escape Rooms, located at 10880 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs, FL 33076 Broward County Florida 33076, has the perfect escape room adventure’s you need to complete this memorable moment. Our premier escape rooms in Broward County Fla 33076 has the mystery-filled and action-packed rooms to entertain not just the special boy, but his friends, family, and all other members of his party.

Coral Springs Escape Rooms provide’s the right amount of oppositions, like relaxation and adrenaline-inducing action, to give this right-of-passage an interesting and exciting twist. We know your Bar Mitzvah boy has put in a lot of hard work for this day, so you can rest assured that, aside from you initiating the visit by booking here, we will take care of every single detail. When the party and special guest arrive, you all are treated with VIP levels of hospitality. This is where the fun begins. Each of our rooms are only an hour long and come with their own unique set of riddles and clues. There are no age limits, and we have a wide variety of difficulties and themes for those in search of a good challenge or intriguing storyline.

You all are put into your designated areas, and your countdown to zero kicks-off. Your party can come across anything from jigsaw puzzles, math equations, card games, and more! Our rooms may be linear and force you all to follow each other step by step. However, some of our rooms may be non-linear, causing you all to have to communicate before you all get off-track.

At Coral Springs Escape Rooms, we are more than happy to help you make this Bar Mitzvah one to remember! Are you up for it? Get ahold of us at 561-660-5121 to book your son’s dream day, and we will see you soon!